When visiting Hot Springs, NC, you are in for a pleasant surprise! Some people jokingly say that Hot Springs has more restaurants per capita than any city in North Carolina – and that may well be true.

A Surprising Range of Choices

No chains or fast food in Hot Springs; all restaurants are locally-owned and operated.  The diversity of choices range from the local favorite diner with “country cookin’,” to casual taverns, tasty takeout, or casual fine dining. Eat fireside, creekside, or with wonderful mountain views.

Locally-Grown and Organic Ingredients

During your visit, try out the local options for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. You’ll find several establishments that use locally-grown ingredients featuring everything from vegetarian, to mountain trout, a steak grilled to perfection or just about anything you desire.


There is also a good nightlife during the week and on weekends with live entertainment many weeknights and virtually every night on weekends. Enjoy a locally crafted beer or wine from Argentina or Napa with your friends.