2017 Hot Springs Photo Contest Winners Announced

Raves for Hot Springs!

Resting between two ridges in western North Carolina, Hot Springs is a rustic town well-known for playing host to Appalachian Trail hikers. Hot Springs has quietly placed itself on an area smaller than a city block, yet offers travelers more than enough adventure to keep busy, if you can rouse your mind away from the tranquility of the stunning vistas.
- Appalachian Voices
What's in the water around this Madison County town is giving it a chance to grow - but not too much. The town is nestled in and protected by the Pisgah National Forest, about five minutes from the Tennessee border along Highway 25/70. Downtown is home to decades-old storefronts, eateries, a historic Presbyterian church and the Appalachian Trail.
- Herald Tribune
Th[is] hospitable enclave of 650 people, with its eclectic blend of stores, shops and town folk with big personalities, can be habit-forming.
- Knoxnews.com

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